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Primos Truth Cam Blackout Trail Camera

Like most hunters these days quality game scouting time can be hard to come by and when you do get that free time to hunt you want to go to your block and secure that trophy game or fill the freezer and this also applies for primary producers trying to eliminate cunning stock threats that don’t have time to spend days on end tracking predators.


The Primos Truth Cam Supercharged Blackout Trail Camera is ideal for game and property surveillance with its early detect 45 degrees PIR sensor and 1 second trigger speed at a night range of 55ft (17m) that will pick up almost all motion eliminating the chance of missing that crucial photo, and with black light LED you can ensure that it won’t be detected whether it has four legs or two..


The Truth Cam Blackout unit case will house 8 “AA” batteries and the auxiliary battery case will hold an additional 16 AA batteries giving you a total of 24 AA batteries to give you maximum life in the field without maintenance. For our testing we were able to take over 1000 daytime photos and it reduced the battery level to 68% which we felt is far superior to other trail cameras test in the past.

The quality of the 7MP Primos camera images is rather impressive given the low light inside the plantation and successfully captured game with minimal blurring as found in other makes. The camera states its effective to 17m with the black led nightlight but we successfully captured a running boar at 29m on numerous occasions.

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As shown above the camera is very covert and ideal for long term property surveillance with its 12 months+ lifespan and excellent moisture resistance you only need to check it if you have a problem, and during this review we successfully caught illegal deer hunters and trespassers. The Primos Truth cam is an efficient, cost effective remote guard for your assets.

Product Details

12 months+ battery life (depending on game movement and battery class)

7 megapixels

Captures two modes of photos, video and time lapse (delay 5s to 30min)

Video mode records audio

60 LEDs boasting a 55 ft (17m) Night range

1 second trigger speed

Blackout LED filter technology

1-year warranty

For more info on the entire range of Primos trail cameras head to:

(all images shown are taken on private plantation pine)

Win a 300WSM Featherweight with Diesel n Dust!

Check out the February 2015 issue of Diesel n Dust magazine and WIN a 300 WSM Model 70 Winchester Featherweight, fitted with a Quality Meopta meopro 3-9×42 scope, steel Talley base and ring set professionally fitted up with the barrel run in ready to hunt. There are two ways of winning, either send your exclusive hunting story with Hi resolution photos to or via subscription.


“Rising Boar” by Bushbow 3D

Christie Pisani checks out the “Rising Boar” by Bushbow 3D

My workmate pops her head through the door and says to me “A parcel has arrived for you.” Then adding, with a confused, (but not really surprised) expression “It looks like a pig!” Not knowing what to expect I wander over to the front door and sure enough there is a pig shaped object wrapped in black plastic. It is the new ‘Rising Boar’ target kindly sent from Gavin Mathews at Bushbow 3D targets.


The parcel man asks if I would kindly unwrap it in his presence so he can get a photo for the guys back at the depot who had been intrigued by this strange parcel all morning, So I do so, to reveal a dark tusky, boar, positioned as if getting up from an afternoon nap. I lament that this is fitting, as I had recently missed a shot on a Cape York hog in this same position, and I would no longer have any excuses for doing the same! The beauty of this position is that it allows the target to be presented with a flat base, resulting in a sturdier target with no target wobble or shifting, than would be if it were standing on four legs.

Positioning the target on my shooting range, I find it is a good weight, heavy enough not to move and twist during shooting, but not cumbersome to transport. At 82cm long and 45cm high it is a good lifelike size, and my bull mastiff obviously agrees as he observes it with interest but thankfully decides against latching onto it’s ear.

The target is made from high quality self-healing foam, designed for broad-heads and field tips. The target has an effective arrow stop with both. Shooting from a 48lb bow at 20 yards, the arrow arrests with 20cm of penetration. Essentially, this gives the target 2 shooting faces. Because there is no pass through in any of my 100 shots with broadheads or field tips, the kill zone remains untouched on the opposite side. The kill zone is not visible from further than 10 yards, but that suits my needs for replicating real shooting situations. The zone can easily be painted on if desired.

I pull out the lubricated arrows fairly easily. The shots taken without lubricant are still easy to remove, but the degree of such is altered by the style of broadhead used. The bevelled style single bladed broadheads such as Strickland Helix and Northern Little Evil take a little more convincing, and typical of this style require a tactical twisting motion, however this is the case when shooting them into any target. The symmetrical style broadheads remove easily, and are more forgiving on the target, and the wound heals effectively even after a number of shots.


This target is the perfect training aid for those heading out on their first trip to reduce “Boar fever” of the experienced bow hunter honing their skills.

For the full range of targets including goats, deer, small game and pricing head to

Apex Berserker Evolve Compound Bow

Apex Berserker Evolve Compound Bow

Bowhunting is a classic game of cat and mouse that a lot more rifle hunters are getting back into these days to add a bit more spice to stalking their game of choice. Having said that entering into the bow hunting world can be a very expensive trip to take, and this is where Apex Hunting are assisting bow hunters from novice to seasoned archers to achieve a setup that suits them both in quality and price.


The Apex team recently sent out the Apex Berserker Evolve Black edition for us to field test, the bow arrived set at Continue reading Apex Berserker Evolve Compound Bow

Bushnell Legend HD Binouculars get it done!


Had a great afternoon walking my favourite hill and on this occasion I had the pleasure of utilizing the Bushnell Legend HD Binoculars to glass a mob of pigs and with a quick range find with the Bushnell Scout 1000 I threaded a 130gr projectile out of my Browning .270 through the scrub and reaching my target with precision!

Cant wait to full test the capabilities across other calibres!