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Mossberg MVP Patrol .223

The scout rifles have been a hit with many shooters in the past decade due to their compact design allowing them to be carried on quad bikes and into more rugged terrain without getting caught up on the vegetation. The scout concept was heavily influenced in the early to mid-1980’s by Jeff Cooper (US Marine, Instructor & Writer) describing his ideal of a general-purpose rifle, “…a short, light, handy, versatile, utility rifle”, which Cooper dubbed a “scout rifle”. This was a bolt-action carbine chambered in .30 caliber (7.62 mm), less than 1 meter in length, less than 3 kilograms in weight, with Iron sights, a forward mounted optical sight (long eye relief scope), and fitted with a practical sling (such as ching sling). Cooper defined his goal: “… a general-purpose rifle is a conveniently portable, individually operated firearm, capable of striking a single decisive blow, on a live target of up to 200 kilos in weight, at any distance at which the operator can shoot with the precision necessary to place a shot in a vital area of the target”.


While the scout was inspired around a Continue reading Mossberg MVP Patrol .223

Molle Tank/Quad Utility Bag (KETUB) by KE Custom

Hunting from the quad or 2 wheeler is one of the fastest ways to cover a large block chasing game, this could be either shooting or with dogs.


One of the biggest problems bike hunters face is gear storage that boasts rock solid mounting and ease of access, and in most cases it’s one or the other and very rarely both! The team at KE Custom products have seen & experienced these problems in the field and being innovative designers have engineered the KETUB or better known as the Tank/Quad Utility Bag, a bag designed by bike hunters for bike hunters.


So let’s take a closer look at the KETUB, straight out of the bag you get a base plate which is the foundation of the bag featuring two velcro panels either side of the fuel cap, this is where the Molle Continue reading Molle Tank/Quad Utility Bag (KETUB) by KE Custom



Reading the literature, there is no doubt that the Lowa brand has achieved critical acclaim all over Europe, with their design and manufacture complying with the stringent quality standards that are needed to supply a footwear that will stand up to the unique and harsh conditions of the European outdoors. I had just returned to Australia from a trip to New Zealand, testing the boots in the ice-capped mountains of the rugged West coast. There was by no means any shortage of genuine testing of the boots comfort and water proof ability. There was a lot of navigating hilly terrain. Hilly, cold and wet terrain..


Straight out of the box, the boots felt like they were made for walking.  The unique lacing system, with free moving, ball bearing lace loops, made it easy to achieve the necessary support around the ankles, and the unique tongue stud, preventing a slip of the tongue. (On the boots that is. There were many a human tongue Continue reading MAURIA Flex GTX WOMENS

Bushnell Trophy “Bone Collector” 10x42mm Binoculars


We set off into the hill just outside Tamworth in search of a few decent sized goats hoping to fill a freezer and pick up a trophy at the same time!


Upon arrival we noticed lush green pasture country around the flats adjoining some very steep slopes perfect country for the goats to roam, after a quick brief on property layout we loaded the bikes and headed up the valley into the scrub, we’ve hunted thick country before but this was almost taking it to a whole new level at times!



We parked the bikes and proceeded to an open patch to glass the opposing hills with the Bushnell Trophy binoculars and it wasn’t long before a juvenile billy presented himself in a small open section of timber 395yds out and with Dave on the Bushnell Trophy binos and Danny with the .30-06 topped with the Bushnell Elite 3-9×40 had the first Billy on the Continue reading Bushnell Trophy “Bone Collector” 10x42mm Binoculars

Do you hunt with your family?


Hunting is not all about the shot or the dead animal, it means so much more than that to me. The time you get to spend quality time with your family out into the bush. No screen time just taking in the breath taking views, and keeping the watchful eye on anything that might move.


When I was a young kid I loved nothing more than going out spot lightning on a weekend and see who could catch the first bunny.  These days’ kids spend more time on the lounge playing games. So what is a better way to get the kids involved in some outdoor living?


The excitement you see on the kids’ faces when they see something is rewarding enough and explain to them about all Continue reading Do you hunt with your family?

Mossberg Patriot Hunting Rifle – 308win


Finding the right rifle for you is important; each brand of rifle has its own feel, fit and level of comfort.


We are now looking at the range of rifles from Mossberg starting with the “Patriot”, the rifle we are trailing features a synthetic stock, blued barrel and chambered in .308win. The Bushnell 3500 series scope is mounted with Warne rings and weaver bases to the receiver.


The Patriot features a 22inch, 10:1 twist barrel with a recessed crown for maximum accuracy. The 22inch barrel is Continue reading Mossberg Patriot Hunting Rifle – 308win

Hunters Element Boundary Pack

If you are planning an overnight trip you need to look at how you plan to manage your gear and more importantly how you are going to pack it in and out.

Just recently i headed up to Glenn Innes for a 2 night stay hunting and fishing, this involved a 27klm round trip on foot and had to work out a way to cart the bare essentials and keep weight to a minimum with good comfort so i looked towards the new Boundary pack from Hunters Element.


Straight out of the box i was impressed with the in built aluminium frame, this stops the pack from buckling and causing discomfort on the shoulders and lower back. During testing of this pack i had it loaded several ways to see how it handled the weight at different heights in the pack and found it easy to adjust and transfer the weight with the shoulder and waist straps. Ideal when you have to pack in a hurry like us as a gully raker came through producing 2 inches of rain in 15 minutes!


The Hunters Element Air Flow design does exactly as the name suggests, on the hike out i was impressed with the Continue reading Hunters Element Boundary Pack

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs

We have all been there, wearing ear plugs or standard ear muffs while hunting thinking we are saving our hearing by doing so but at the cost of not hearing that rustle that is a potential trophy that you desire. At some point we have got frustrated and thrown them away saying she’ll be right it’s only a couple of shots…


Well it’s not the case, once your hearing is permanently damaged it’s gone and yes you can have corrective surgeries but at what cost? The ear piercing crack of a .22-250 is approximately 130-140db depending on loads compared to the safe occupational standard of 85db is a significant difference…

So back to our dilemma of safety over practicality and who wins this argument, why can we not have both? We can!

We searched up options and we presented with the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs to trial and the results have been nothing short of impressive, the impact sports feature Continue reading Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs



It had been a long time since donning a backpack for a hunt; my habit of ‘travelling light’ has seen me for the last six years with just a five-pocket bum-bag and a subsequent sweatless back and shoulders free and fresh for drawing a bow. But a New Zealand hunting trip is on the cards this year. With a helicopter drop to the hut and day walks in the snow, the minimalistic approach just wouldn’t cut the mustard this July!


Enter the Spika ‘Extreme Hunter’ pack. Spika boasts the ultimate in comfort and durability in their gear, and this impending trip would certainly push myself and my gear to its Continue reading EXTREME HUNTER by Spika