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Zoe Lee Watkins

I have grown up in a household full of hunters ,the only girl and the youngest of 4. My father is a very talented taxidermist and has taught me everything I know about hunting, importantly deer species and everything that goes with it so i am well trained when it comes to caping out a trophy!!
I am a young single mum and a beauty therapist by trade, I’ve had my fair share of criticism over the years from people not approving of my love of hunting but it runs in my blood and is something I am very passionate about so I’m always encouraging other women to get out and give it a try!!
Although I have taken some incredible trophies, it’s not all about that, it’s encouraging people to get out there and source there food the way there ancestors would have many years ago , I have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling Australia with my hunting and I’m very excited to share my successes with other like minded Aussie huntresses!!
Zoe shoots a Tikka t3 30/06 with a muzzle brake and Ruger .300BLK

Camillus EDC3 Carbonitride Titanium Tactical folding knife

Introducing the new  EDC3 Carbonitride Titanium tactical folding knife from Camillus!

The EDC3 is a great addition to any hunting pack or for general outdoors use which is lightweight, rugged and can be deployed with one hand.

The blade is 3″ (76mm) long with partial serration, constructed of Japanese AUS-8 SS and features the popular matt black drop point design, the handle is 4″ (101mm) long and is of stainless steel construction.

The EDC3 features dual thumb studs for easy one handed deployment and once deployed the liner lock engages ensuring safe use. The EDC3 also features a SS belt clip, we found this useful attaching to our Voodoo Tactical Molle webbing on our backpacks.

 Camillus Knives

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Scope

Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Series Red Dot Sight – 1×25

Traditionally whenever we have used our lever action rifles, notably the .30-30 Winchester, we have always found the open sights to be the fastest for target acquisition but as time goes on we like to have a little bit of comfort and “bling” to complement our toys…

So we started looking at the Bushnell TRS-25 red dot scope which is a 1x power with 25mm objective, small yet mighty with 11 brightness levels and a crisp clean image.  Bushnell claims that the TRS-25 has a 3000hr+ battery life (tested on Continue reading Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Scope

Butler Creek Delux Bino Caddy

Every hunt demands the use of a good set of binoculars, but how do you have them at the ready in a comfortable position?


Traditionally binoculars come with a standard 1″ to 2″ neck strap that allows the weight of the the bino’s to be spread evenly across the base of the neck, this is perfect for short term so you don’t accidentally drop your prized glass. But as time wears on the pressure of the strap can feel like wire rope cutting into your neck, not the desired feeling when hunting or enjoying the outdoors.


Butler Creek have developed the “Bino Caddy” to eliminate this issue, its unique design allows the neck strap to be completely removed and the Continue reading Butler Creek Delux Bino Caddy

Mossberg MVP Patrol .223

The scout rifles have been a hit with many shooters in the past decade due to their compact design allowing them to be carried on quad bikes and into more rugged terrain without getting caught up on the vegetation. The scout concept was heavily influenced in the early to mid-1980’s by Jeff Cooper (US Marine, Instructor & Writer) describing his ideal of a general-purpose rifle, “…a short, light, handy, versatile, utility rifle”, which Cooper dubbed a “scout rifle”. This was a bolt-action carbine chambered in .30 caliber (7.62 mm), less than 1 meter in length, less than 3 kilograms in weight, with Iron sights, a forward mounted optical sight (long eye relief scope), and fitted with a practical sling (such as ching sling). Cooper defined his goal: “… a general-purpose rifle is a conveniently portable, individually operated firearm, capable of striking a single decisive blow, on a live target of up to 200 kilos in weight, at any distance at which the operator can shoot with the precision necessary to place a shot in a vital area of the target”.


While the scout was inspired around a Continue reading Mossberg MVP Patrol .223

Molle Tank/Quad Utility Bag (KETUB) by KE Custom

Hunting from the quad or 2 wheeler is one of the fastest ways to cover a large block chasing game, this could be either shooting or with dogs.


One of the biggest problems bike hunters face is gear storage that boasts rock solid mounting and ease of access, and in most cases it’s one or the other and very rarely both! The team at KE Custom products have seen & experienced these problems in the field and being innovative designers have engineered the KETUB or better known as the Tank/Quad Utility Bag, a bag designed by bike hunters for bike hunters.


So let’s take a closer look at the KETUB, straight out of the bag you get a base plate which is the foundation of the bag featuring two velcro panels either side of the fuel cap, this is where the Molle Continue reading Molle Tank/Quad Utility Bag (KETUB) by KE Custom