“Silva” fox whistles

Ron and the team at Silva have been handcrafting their version of the popular made fox whistle for over 40 years and is a tradition past down from their fathers before, and today is made from a hand crafted stainless steel sheets and hand tuned to give you the perfect sound every time.


The whistle can be self taught or you can
purchase the tutorial DVD that is packed with over 55mins of tips and tricks of the trade hosted by the old fox himself Ron Kiehne supported by his son Brock.

The most exciting part of this whistle is the ability to play 2 tunes almost at once giving a high pitch with a raspy edge presenting a rabbit in distress, we found in some cases having multiple fox coming in and fighting over who would get dinner first!


Dont just take our word visit the youtube channel for more action pack fox calling:

When your done head to http://silvafoxwhistles.com.au to order your SILVA today!

Also on ebay > http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Silva-Fox-Whistle-DVD-The-Ultimate-Fox-Whistle-Calls-up-to-1000-yards-/171315243829?pt=AU_Hunting&hash=item27e32f2b35


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