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Sighting in your rifle is essential to ensuring that you gain the most accuracy from your firearm in the field and finding the time at the range before an upcoming hunt can be hard to come by in today’s ever so busy world.


So the team at Zero In Target Systems have developed
your very own portable rifle range that is set up in just a few minutes, all you need is some space at your hunting block and you are ready to fine tune your rifle so when the time comes you will hit your mark. Setting up the Zero In (Deluxe Package) was very easy and in the event of a windy day the base can be filled with either water or sand and features four moulded holes to allow for pegging if required. The Standard Kit also consists of a base peg to allow you to set up the Zero in on an uneven surface; this can be hammered into the ground or the side of a dam wall.


The contrast of the white paper target on the black panel makes it easy to verify shots and make adjustments using the supplied target sheets, each shot showed a distinct black dot which was very visible in the direct sunlight. Any target can be placed the plastic backing via tape or staple so it will comply with your local range competition targets.


The Zero In is made from an engineering grade plastic material that is durable, long lasting, lightweight, crack and shatterproof.  These features eliminate any chance of ricochet unlike traditional steel based targets. We are starting to see the Zero In feature at rifle ranges around Australia due to their ease of use and ability to take thousands of rounds before the need of replacing the backing which if needed can be purchased separately.

spike stand IMG_0465-2 IMG_0512 extension-tubeIMG_1083-3-plinkers

Now the best part about the Zero In Target System is that is 100% made in Australia and fully recyclable when replacing backing boards.


Stay tuned bow hunters, there is a high density foam kit coming that will handle up to 80lb bows!

There are two kits available:



Backing Panel, Spike, Stand, 3 x Paper Targets, Canvas Bag

RRP $119.90



Backing Panel, Spike, Stand, 3 x Paper Targets, Canvas Bag, Extension Tube, Base

RRP $152.90

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