Spika “S2” Premium gun safe

Getting your firearms licence and first firearm is an exciting experience, hitting all the shops trying different calibres and makes to find the best shoulder fit to suit your needs can be so overwhelming that the essential firearm ownership items can be forgotten..


It’s all too common to read in the media of firearm theft due to
poor storage, and if a police inspection identifies a failure to meet these requirements it is a serious offence with a fine of $2200 or 12 months imprisonment, or both. A scary thought when you have just forked out your hard earned cash on your new pride and joy! At Aussie Feral Game Hunters we don’t take this risk and always ensure that our storage meets, and exceeds the requirements by having a quality Spika gun safe installed. Today we are looking at one of the most popular gun safes on the market, the “S2” A+B class which houses 8 long arms when packed with bolts out in the high density foam dividers and boasts a very generous 360mm x 360mm x 200 ammunition storage compartment to keep your rifle, bolt and ammunition separate complying with state law.

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Another excellent feature of the “S2” and also features on the entire range is the fully lined interior which resists moisture, reduces storage damage and with the LED sensor light accessory adds a touch of class every time you open your Spika safe. When the S2 safe arrives its ready to go with all the extras like anchor bolts to ensure the ease of installation the minute you get home!

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For security the S2 features a 3 pin hidden hinge 6mm front door and 2 pin 6mm hatch door to prevent easy access and smooth operation when opening and closing.


Don’t risk losing your investments! Purchase a Spika gun safe from your nearest retailer today! If you require a smaller safe for your Handgun or a monster 39 gun fire rated premium safe check out their entire range of gun safes, firearm transport solutions and hunting accessories at > www.spika.com.au

Special thanks to the team at Tamworth Firearms for assisting us with all our Spika enquiries.  Phone: 02 6761 3308

The Spika S2 Gun Safe Features

Fully lined interior

Magnetic sensor light

Single key operation

Durable powder coated finish

External ammunition compartment

6mm steel door edge

Hooks on back of door for extra storage

Pre-drilled bolt down holes

S2 Medium Safe – Specs

Size: 360 x 360 x 1500 Lock: Key

Gun Capacity: 8 Category: A & B

Weight: 55kg

Colour: Black

Heat Resistance: N/A this model.

Price: $340

Find a retailer > http://www.spika.com.au/retail.html

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