Christie Pisani

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 Christie Pisani


Favourite hunting method and why:

When I am bowhunting it is just me, my bow and mother Earth, no job, no bills, no deadlines, no commitments. It is a very serene hunting method. It is quiet, precise and deliberate yet so adrenaline inducing at the same time. Bowhunting is less results orientated, and more of a process, thus can be thoroughly enjoyed without the expectation of a successful kill, and some of my most enjoyable hunts have not involved and arrow being nocked! I also enjoy pig hunting with my two dogs Ted and Bow, and rifle hunting while filming with the “Heart of the huntress” team.


Favourite place to hunt:

The Northern Territory

Most memorable hunting moment:

Every great hunting moment tries to lay claim to being the “best so far!” But like apples and oranges… each leaves a different, but just as delicious aftertaste! But some of the sweetest moments were Camel hunting in Alice Springs in 52 degree heat, hunting cranky Buffalo in the Northern territory with just a compound bow, and chasing swine in the tropical Cape York climate.


Who has had the biggest influence on the way you hunt and enjoy the outdoors:

I was introduced to and given my first lessons in bowhunting by my brother Ray, and over the next few years progressed my skills with the help of many skilled hunters.  But my earliest memories are rifle hunting trips with my Dad and brothers. Dad taught me to enjoy and respect the outdoors and the animals we hunt and lay a solid foundation for my journey into the sport of hunting. He taught me that a good hunter is not defined by the amount of trophies he or she has taken, nor their deadly precision with their weapon. A good hunter is one that loves the land and all the creatures in it, and recognises that ability to let an animal walk is just as admirable as the ability to shoot it. One thing that the extreme anti-hunters will probably never understand, is that the best hunters are, in fact, animal lovers, and custodians of the natural environment.


If you had to choose one species of game to target for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Buffalo! There is nothing more exciting than squaring up to these beautiful muscle machines with nothing more than a modern adaptation of a primeval weapon. But that aside, their habitat is some of the harshest, seemingly inhospitable environment I have ever hunted, and really tests the hunters physical preparedness and capabilities.


What is your current hunting outfit

Dressed by Hunters Element Veil, but have been caught hunting in anything from my pyjamas and work uniform!

Mathews Monster Chill SDX

50lb draw

Bloodsport 1 arrows

Northern Broadheads


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