Women’s Muck Pursuit Boot

All hunters alike know that on any hunting adventure your feet are the most important part of your hunting kit, so we have to ensure that we protect them to take us further and hunt longer!
Over the years I have worn many different types of hiking boots , all with there good/bad points and myself being a deer stalker , I’m in need of boots that are supportive, comfortable, warm and waterproof, for all different conditions especially the hills.
These muck boots are hands down the best boots I have hunted in!
The support they give the ankles in unbelievable, lightweight, quiet, and most of all no laces which makes them convenient to slip on and off as needed! They make great camp boots heading in and out of your living quarters!

Being made of rubber they have a high waterproof profile which gives the calf muscles that extra warmth, they also have breathable pockets to keep your feet cooler in summer and I have not experienced sweating even after  hours of walking.

One of the great features of the boot being made of rubber is it doesn’t leave a scent and when deer hunting that is very important as some leathers would be detectable to the deer .

In my opinion the Muck boots have everything going for them !!
They are built for tough terrain, waterproof, warm, camouflaged, comfortable, convenient, easy cleaned and most of all competitively priced!
Head over to their website and check out the extensive range and even the kiddies range! Give them a go you will be surprised 🙂 Zoe x
View the range here > The Original Muck Boots

Aussie Hunting at its best!