Olight PL-1 Valkyrie Weaponlight

Hunting game at night under a spotlight is exciting and fast paced action, but what if you want to travel on foot and still be able to keep a light in the same direction as your barrel?

One of the hardest tasks we found before discovering the innovative designs Olight had come up with was balancing holding a torch and trying to aim on game at the same time, we have all tried it and at some stage – failed, or got lucky!

Initially we investigated the Olight Javalot with magnetic base which is an awesome bit of kit however didn’t suit stainless steel barrels or some firearms with tactical aluminium or composite chassis due to short barrel length or or shrouding factors, but these particular firearm designs came with piccatinny (tactical) rails for accessory attachments. View field test here > Javalot review – YouTube

And this is where the Olight Valkyrie comes into its element! Boasting an impressive 450lm LED light with a run time of 60mins and IPX6 water proof rating meaning you can hunt in all conditions and know that your lighting system wont let you down.

There are two pressure switches located on the rear of the Valkyrie that enable you to swiftly activate the light without any error, they are a two stage pressure switch so a gentle tap will activate the light as a quick flash and a press will activate the light to stay on.

The mounting clamp has two inserts that come with the kit so it can be mounted to both types of piccatinny rail or for pistols in GL & 1911. Mounted to the Mossberg HS12 with utilised the 1911 insert.

Over all we found Valkyrie LED weapon light to be an incredible addition to our kit, after locating the game with a handheld Javalot M2X we were confident shouldering our rifle/shotgun and taking shots out to 100m when mounted on the centrefire rifles. Its fast and no fuss operation makes in a necessity for anyone with a pic rail!

For more info head to > Olight Australia / Powabeam


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