Stealthcam DS4K

Technology has come along way when it comes to camera quality and size, we have gone from carrying compact cameras to capture our experiences to having the same quality lens optics and goodies built into our smartphones and a fraction of the size!

The same can be said for trail cams, starting off with bulky 4MP (sometimes less) we thought we had it made! We were able to track our game and plan a hunt based on game movement, we had a general grainy low res image of what the game looked like and knew its travel times. At best you had a reasonable image out to 10m from camera placement..

Today the cameras are next level and the DS4K from Stealthcam is certainly a game changer, boasting a whopping 30MP (3840×2160) camera that takes a 16:9 wide image for better FOV with the ability to record in 4K….. 4K. Most homes don’t even have a tv or monitor that can support this resolution yet so you can guarantee that the image technology wont be outdated for some time after your investment.

During our field testing we were pleasantly surprised with the performance of the DS4K over the previously used Bushnell Aggressor, the DS4K had a faster trigger speed (0.4s) and better light throw at night, we were able to pick up general game on a couple of occasions up to 26m at night and 39m on daylight! That’s a bloody long way when taking a night shot but is made easier with the integrated ‘no glow’ 42 IR LEDS.

The DS4K records all the basic weather and time stamps with Geo Tagging if required, there are 3 preset modes and a customised option so you get the content you want and supports SD cards up to 32GB

Powering the DS4K is 12AA sized batteries, upon our test we managed to get 1934 images and consumed only 50% battery life. Videos chew the batteries faster but for our test we were out to catch wild dog patterns and images were sufficient, in saying this there is also an option for a 12V battery box that can be purchased seperate for long stints in the field.

Thoughts, well we have to admit this is the ballsiest camera we have laid hands on, we had this camera in the field tracking wild dog movements on a sheep station where sheep were being attacked. Baiting and hunting weren’t effective in removing this dog so we went to the cameras to see when and where the dog was coming from, the DS4K came into its element and each time the dog popped up on a cam we moved the cam to a closer location till its den was located and traps were set ultimately sealing this dogs fate.

Safe to say that the DS4K has paid itself off this time, and if the dogs appear again it will prove a worthy investment!


Aussie Hunting at its best!