Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Scope

Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Series Red Dot Sight – 1×25

Traditionally whenever we have used our lever action rifles, notably the .30-30 Winchester, we have always found the open sights to be the fastest for target acquisition but as time goes on we like to have a little bit of comfort and “bling” to complement our toys…

So we started looking at the Bushnell TRS-25 red dot scope which is a 1x power with 25mm objective, small yet mighty with 11 brightness levels and a crisp clean image.  Bushnell claims that the TRS-25 has a 3000hr+ battery life (tested on lvl 7), and from experience so far we accidentally left it on for 2 weeks and the TRS-25 still displayed a crisp red dot.

The TRS-25 features 3MOA allowing precise shot placement at range and mounts directly onto your picattinny rail or weaver mount and with its easy to adjust elevation and windage turrets you can be straight into the shooting in a matter of minutes. The TRS-25 has massive eye relief so you can mount it far back on the receiver or as far forward as your rails will allow! Once mounted the TRS-25 has no unnecessary features that can complicate, confuse or get caught up while chasing big pigs through the scrub.

So whats it like?
To speak bluntly, bloody awesome!

Once sighted it was put to the test in the thick pine plantations in the NSW tablelands, it was about 11am with full sunlight when we glassed a sow and piglets feeding on the edge of a pine row. I swiftly stalked in to about 30m and adjusted the red dot power setting to find a suitable setting, setting the TRS-25 to level 8 gave me a perfect dot that wasn’t too bright that it obscured my field of view but not too dull that it faded out with the light backgrounds. Moving in another 20m I shouldered the Marlin .30-30 lined up the shoulder and let fly a 150gr pill to the sows boiler room, fast target acquisition & ease of use made for a deadly result.

Another great feature of the TRS-25 is the price, at under $300 you are getting a well built, no bullshit scope that will perfectly compliment your lever or shotgun.

Aussie Hunting at its best!