Bushnell H250L Auto Dim Headlamp

Just recently I got to use the Bushnell H250L Auto Dim Headlamp supplied by Tasco Australia. I really liked how easy it was to set up and how comfortable it was to wear.


When you’re out hunting there is always a need for a good light. You can always bet that you end up in the dark hunting and be out till last light. So it is always important that you carry a good light, and always a bonus if you have headlamp to keep your hands free especially when searching for this boar shot on last light!


This headlamp puts out 250Lumens and then also has a boost feature with 315 Lumens! With the light being a very bright white light it is awesome up close and also shows a good distance. It comes with 3 AA Batteries and has a battery saving lockout so that will prevent any accidental battery use when it is in your pack.



  • 250 Lumens + 312 Lumens boost feature
  • Advanced auto dimming feature automatically adjusts from long distance brightness to dim light for close viewing
  • Advanced Bushnell T.I.R. optic with collimated beam technology
  • Dual output: spot for long range, flood for wide proximity lighting
  • Rear mounted external battery for extra-long runtime
  • Regulated circuit delivers consistent brightness throughout the useable life of the battery
  • Red Halo low-lumen mode designed to enhance sight without compromising natural night vision
  • Battery saving lock-out prevents accidental battery use
  • Top-quality Cree LEDs

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