Hunting with the team at TSA

Well, what a start to the trip…..

An hour into the journey travelling in a remote part of central NSW with no reception and minimal traffic (1-2 vehicles a day) my borrowed trailer decided to add some excitement to the day with a blowout due to a perished tyre, not a big problem had two spares so i carried on route to meet the team from Tasco Sales Australia to do some product testing in the central region of NSW.


40 minutes from the first blowout the spare decided it had enough and spat a valve stem on a section i couldn’t pull over on so i had to poke along trying not to cause any damage to the rim when the opposite tire locked up with a dud bearing slashing the final tire on the gravel road…. middle of nowhere, with no spares left and thousands worth of quad bike and accessories i had to leave the trailer, ride the quad to the nearest property and hope for the best till i could get some spares! A big thank you to the property owner for assisting me get everything off the road and into safety from light fingers!


So i finally met with the team from TSA just outside of Tamworth for a quick chat and head out to the block for a late afternoon hunt and see if we couldn’t bag them a pig each to start the trip, on our way out we stopped in to see our good mate Lewis Reid (Author – Lewis Reid, “I did it my way’ the south pacific 15) and show the guys his impressive trophy room featuring both Aussie and international heads that had everyone in awe before we headed a few more hours up the road to reach our destination.

Upon arriving we unpacked and Chris, Damo and Aaron got out thier rather cool hunting toys consisting of Mossberg Rifles, Bushnell Binos and rangefinders for us to use over the weekend which were loaded into the AFGH Rocky for the nights spotlighting. After a quick bite we headed out and I explained to the guys we might get lucky however it was a bit windy so the game might be a bit light on but this was far from the case, coming onto the first wheat paddock Damo spotted a very healthy boar ripping into the fresh crop and indicated he was taking a shot. As the shot rang out from the Mossberg Patriot .308 we witnessed the young boar slump immediately, a clean shot behind the ear rendered the boar motionless and not a bad effort for 10mins into the night!


After assessing the boar and removing from the crop we ventured onto the next paddock to try our luck, moving through the gate rather loudly and still celebrating a quick pig Chris spotted another young boar and a very fat sow with piglets and indicated his turn to take the shot delivering the .308 projectile just behind the left shoulder and produced a lightning fast reload to dispatch the fleeing boar with a shot just behind the ear anchoring him on the spot – it was at this stage i wondered if i should leave my rifle in the bag for fear of being showed up!


As always after significant gunfire the paddocks produced little to no sign of anything, word must have got out among the ferals that the shooters were in town and Aaron was yet to have a crack, Aaron a veteran with pig shooting wasent phased and said “there is always tomorrow!’. Well he didn’t have to wait that long after remembering what Dave our pigging guide told us about a hidden corner on the back of a paddock that you had to approach fast to catch the pig by surprise i told the guys to fasten their seat belts and head over at pace and sure enough another boar presented itself for Aaron to take a shot, by the time he got in position the boar was nearly at the end of the spotlight when we heard the shot ring out. The pig had just turned briefly allowing Aaron to place a long distance shot clean in the ear cavity!


I zipped up my rifle bag, these blokes had brought some serious skills to the paddocks!


The Mossberg Patriot Rifle chambered in .308win tested on this trip really stood out, it was incredibly light to carry which was great on the long walks and felt really smooth through the action. The fit was just right for me and the Bushnell Elite 3500 series rifle scope delivered a crisp picture and good light transmission for a 40mm objective, more than capable of seeing further than the spotlight at night. Stay tuned for a full breakdown on the rifle in the coming month when we give it a good run on some more ferals!