Pig sticking knife reviews


Every pig hunter knows apart from his hounds his pig sticking knife is his best friend and over the years we have seen some great blades and some that should just stay in the display cabinet.


There is no perfect knife for every pig hunter, and we have watched some hunters struggle with poor quality blades and that is why we are putting together this review. Some hunters like big chunky knives that are easy to grip while others prefer lighter butchers style knives but for this review we will be looking at a few Aussie & International designed edged blades and will cover the critical aspects & features of each knife to help you choose a blade that suits your needs.

We will cover the details like Handle material, Blade Overall length, Blade length, Thickness, Weight and Sheath supplied.



  • Spika SP-06

Spika are a great Aussie brand that are well known for their quality gun safes, there isn’t many gun shops you can walk into these days that don’t have some, and in recent time entered into the knife market with their challenger range of knives.

The Spika pig sticker is built using high quality 440 grade stainless steel that has a great feel through the G10 composite handles simple and very effective design and finger notches and fine chequering for extra grip when the knife becomes greasy. This blade features a blood groove for extra flow when needed and boasts a full tang blade to eliminate breaking out of the handle it times of need!


At the base of the grip there is a loop hole for a grab cord or similar and I feel this is a great blade for any aspiring pig hunter, holds a superb edge and a snap clip full leather sheath that features a loophole at the base to assist strapping the leg if desired. The only fault we could find with this blade was the back edge not featuring a bevel which aids hide penetration on single edged blades.


The Challenger pig sticker is a great knife; I had no trouble dispatching larger pigs and only had to hit the steel once over 3 trips. The knife cleans up well and the sheath was very comfortable.


Handle: G10 composite 2 securing pins

Blade: single edged with blood groove

Overall length: 340mm

Blade length: 205mm

Thickness: 3.2mm

Weight: 310g

Sheath: Full leather sheath


  • Hunters Element

Primary Series Factor Knife

Hunters Element is a well-known hunting apparel outfitter from New Zealand that has rapidly expanded into the Australian market with quality equipment to hunt game with excellent concealment through their Desolve Camouflage patterns and while they cater for the big game hunters they also cater for pig hunters and sporting dogs.


The Primary series Factor blade is hand made with the quality 440 stainless steel and wrapped with a comfortable ergonomically designed laminated grip with charcoal colouring. This knife looks extremely serious and has the wow factor with its intimidating appearance.

The Factor blade features a generous 200mm blade with blood groove and bevelled back edge for easier hide penetration. The sheath is a heavy duty full grain leather pouch that rises up ¾ of the handle to secure.


Final Thoughts:

This is one seriously cool looking knife that matches it with performance and price, the only part we disliked about this knife was the sheath as it became hard to grab in the dark due to its concealment deep in the sheath. This sheath is preferred by NZ pig hunters and we hope they bring out an Aussie version soon.


Handle: Laminated 3 securing pins

Blade: single edged with blood groove with bevelled back edge

Overall length: 340mm

Blade length: 200mm

Thickness: 3.8mm

Weight: 310g

Sheath: Full grain leather sheath


  • Hunters Element

The Classic Series Pig Sticker is hand crafted using the finest materials, fittings and workmanship.


Constructed using a screwed design, the Classic™ Series Pig Sticker features a natural maple burl wood handle, highly polished brass bolster and a premium quality 5cr15 stainless steel blade that holds an edge pig after pig. The blade is hollow ground with a blood groove and brushed finish.


Final thoughts:

This is one classy knife, both appealing to the eye and lethal in the field. The larger finger guard makes up for the handle becoming greasy when using, the blade steel held an exceptional edge and required little effort to bring back an edge.


Handle: natural maple burl wood handle 3 securing pins

Blade: Single edged with blood groove and bevelled tip

Overall length: 330mm

Blade length: 200mm

Thickness: 3.5mm

Weight: 295g

Sheath: Full grain leather sheath

Lifetime warranty


  • Muela

Muela of Spain has provided some of the best and sharpest Hunting Knives for decades and uses the latest in industrial techniques and finishes from natural materials such as antlers and exotic woods featured on many knife handles.

This knife is designed for the serious pig hunters that rely on safety and quality but maintain functionality; the blade features a smooth transitioning bevelled back edge to assist with hide penetration and a blood groove for when extra flow is needed. The handle is a rubberised compound with four finger notches and raised ribs for extra grip, but the hero for this knife is the generous ABS finger guard so that is the unexpected happens your unlikely to find yourself off to out patients!


The 440 Chrome-Vanadium-Molybdenum Alloy Martensitic Steel (that’s a mouthful!) holds a very good edge and required minimal steel work to bring it back to sharp.

Final thoughts:

This is a very well built knife; a lot of thought has gone into the safety and visual appearance of this knife and its end user. We found it very hard to fault this blade other than its thickness but only adds strength which is essential.


Handle: Non Slip Rubber

Blade: Single edged with blood groove and bevelled back edge

Overall length: 315mm

Blade length: 195mm

Thickness: 4.5mm

Weight: 350g

Sheath: Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Sheath



  • Condor Tool & Knife

Condor Tool & Knife Boar dagger style pig sticking hunting knife at first glance boasts a very raw and “all business” look, being a double edged blade it had great hide penetration. The blade held a remarkable edge throughout the hunt through its 420 HC stainless steel makeup and required little work on the steel to bring it back its edge.


The handle is an ergonomic “poszeGrip” santoprene material that is bonded to the full tang steel and offered great grip when it became greasy, the 3 rubber raised bands made this knife easy to grab from the sheath. Sheath supplied is hand crafted welted leather that sits well on the hip.


Final thoughts:

The condor knife is definitely an all business knife, while not overly appealing to look at the blade more than meets the hunters expectations. I would have liked to see a slightly larger finger guard on the bolster but that is just personal preference.


Handle: “poszeGrip” santoprene handle

Blade: Double edged (check state regulations regarding ownership)

Overall length: 330mm

Blade length: 195mm

Weight: 335g

Thickness: 3.0 mm

Sheath: Hand crafted welted leather