Families that hunt together stay together

By Kim Clarke

It’s  6:00am and the alarm is going off, out of bed we stumbled into our Camo gear , well at least 3 of us into camo and one little 3 year old refusing the camo and going for a pink puffer vest and pink sunnies instead. The kids are still half asleep and to be honest I am still half asleep also, COFFEE!! We need coffee ASAP! All the other essentials, quad bike, fridge and hunting gear carefully packed in the Ute ready to go. A quick bite to eat, meet up with our friends and were on the road.


It’s not long and the kids are fast asleep, luckily as the roads are muddy, windy and bumpy and usually result in at least one kid vomiting. OH WAIT, vomit, we have vomit. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad this time as we’ve learnt on previous occasions, NO MILK before a long drive. After a short pit stop to clean up we are back on the road again and everyone is awake now.


Driving through the bush with the kids is such an eye opener. Everything to them is amazing, the splashing of water going over the car as we drive through creek crossings gives them such excitement and yelling KANGAROO! at the top of their lungs every single time we see one. Its gives Ben and myself as parents such happiness to see their little faces light up.

After a quick 45min drive we arrive at the property welcomed by the owners and a few dozen cattle. A brief hello and off we delve into the secluded bush track through rocky creeks and steep slimy hills. It’s not long and we arrive at our destination and can finally get out of the spewy, smelly car and into fresh air. Our friends decided it was a great idea to bring their dogs and apparently the trip for them was as sickening as it was for our kids and when they were let free we found a big puddle of doggy vomit in the back of their Ute. After yet another clean-up we unloaded the quad bikes and were ready for a fun filled family adventure!!


After warming the quad bikes up and checking out the amazing scenery it was time to set up the Zero In Target and have a few shots. Our eldest daughter managed 5 of 5 with her pink 22 using the MaXbox.


It’s time for a cuppa whilst the kids practise shooting with their bow and arrow, well the eldest shoots while the youngest is the official arrow collector. Sitting back listening to all the sounds of nature, the creek running and the array of bird noises is just so relaxing while sipping on a warm coffee and then you get the occasional kid yelling in the background.  It is such a beautiful day and the air is so fresh and clean out here.


The boys have taken off to do some product testing and us girls are exploring the creeks and waterfalls. TIP for next time we walk off  into the bush: Don’t go too far with a 3 year old. I ended up piggy backing her ¾ of the way dodging cow poo and thistle bushes… It was fun for her though.  We went down into the creek and took a few photos, the water was absolutely crystal clear and I was tempted to go for a swim but it was just a tad on the chilly side to say the least. Brrrr.


We ended up with a few wet boots and socks and one cranky 6 year old so we decided it was time for some lunch, a drink and a break.

After a well-deserved spell and some food in our tummies it was time to start packing away and just enough time for 1 more ride on the bikes just before Ben decided to put the quad back on the ute and didn’t apply the brake riding it straight off the other side, resulting in a vertical bike and one hell of a ride for Ben. It gave us a good giggle once we had realised he was ok and no damages occurred and we actually got a great action shot out of it. Thanks Ben.


Finally it’s time to head home and although we didn’t get to see any pigs, rabbits or any feral wildlife of any sort the trip in itself has given us some great memories and a fun day out for all.

Now it’s time to put the clothes in the washing machine, put the boots outside to dry, put an icepack on Bens ego and start planning our next adventure with family and friends.