Otis Ripcords

Field cleaning your rifle is essential when hunting in the great Australian outback, especially if hiking through rough terrain or cleaning out the anti corrosion lubricant before heading off.

All sorts of nasty debris can also get caught in your barrel if you don’t take the proper precautions, for this you can tape the end of your muzzle with electrical tape.

We have tried many brands and methods of soft bore rod/cloths or commonly called the bore snake and while these are effective in each of their designs we have been testing out a new design that integrates the softness of a bore snake but the rigidness of a traditional cleaning rod through a rubberized memory flex SS cable called the Otis Ripcord.

The part that excited us most about the Ripcord was the fact that you could lay the rifle or shotgun on the table and feed the cord up the barrel with ease, unlike the bore snake which required pointing the rifle downwards and awkwardly yet precisely try drop the brass tip down the bore. Try that in low light situations on the side of a mountain….

Moving on to the cleaning aspects, we maintain that a clean with the bore snake is not as good a clean with traditional cleaning rods and cleaning fluids, having said this the Otis Ripcord will give you an immediate clean removing built up carbon and any potential unwelcome debris that may cause firearm malfunction. The braided material covering the rubberized helix formed flex cable is called Nomex® and can withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees making it a perfect material for cleaning even if the barrel is hot from sending lead!

So next time your in your local gun shop, grab an Otis and check out how good these new cords really are!

One and Done.