Nitecore MH40GTR

Led torches have come along way, from humble beginnings using the mighty dolphin torch in a two man spotlighting team punching out a whopping 100lumin flood beam that barely shot out 40m and you relied on high end scope optics to get more distance to being able to spotlight hands free with a compact sleek commercial grade LED firearm mounted torches that rips out an impressive 1200lumins out to 1004 meters giving you an unfair advantage over your game!

So when we opened the supplied hard case we were presented with a well packaged layout, compartments for each of the push button accessories, rifle mount, spares and the chargers…….wait where is the charger?

So unlike other brands the Nitecore MH40GTR has an inbuilt charger, so when at home you can utilise the supplied wall charger to charge when your done and when in the field there is also a supplied 12v cigarette plug charger so you can charge the torch on the run! I can tell you that this feature is a lot more convenient than ripping out batteries and wall docking them! Save time – Hunt more!

Now we get onto the button switches, two types are supplied as standard with the kit. It has a rear button so the torch can be used as a handheld and a remote pressure switch that is utilised when fitted to your firearm via the supplied scope mount, what I like about both switches is that they have a half touch so you can burst a light beam without fully engaging the switch and a full press will engage the switch to keep the light on. I make note about the quality and feel of the buttons, they are very definitive and have a great high quality feel, snap on / snap off, may not sound like much but when experienced for yourself its rather satisfying much like a high end scope turrets that have sharp clicks compared to cheap turrets you can tell if it clicked or not!

Now lets look at the light beam itself, rated at 1200Lm and stretched out to 1004m through a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED is more than enough horsepower for the average shooter in dark environments. The light emitted through the 60mm reflector presents a very precise pencil beam with excellent side light, now the beam is one thing, but for me I rate the light quality on how well I can pick up game or objects in the light just outside the pencil beam as this is the light that you pick up additional targets or a target of greater interest….. many a night on the foxes has led to fleeting pig shooting from this very aspect.

The body, HAIII military grade toughness with a IPX8 rating, now in my opinion this light would be perfect for not only hunting but emergency/law enforcement applications as well, picking up the MH40GTR you instantly see that the light can be used as a striker for breaking glass or hammering bandits – joke….

Charging the two internal 18650 2600mHa batteries off the 240v wall charger we had an average charge time of 1 hour from dead flat to full charge, off the 12v we averaged a charge time of 1.5-2 hours. When placing the the torch on charge make sure to turn the torch on, this activates the internal smart charger and ensures a complete charging process.

Light modes, by slightly rotating the torch head you can access the light mode setup which consists of Turbo, High, Mid, Low, Strobe & SOS which are selected but pressing the button to the desired selection.

Overall I think that this torch is a serious contender compared to other models and brands we have tested in the past, combining long battery life and intense light output makes the MH40GTR the big dog of rifle mounted torches.