Zoe Lee Watkins

I have grown up in a household full of hunters ,the only girl and the youngest of 4. My father is a very talented taxidermist and has taught me everything I know about hunting, importantly deer species and everything that goes with it so i am well trained when it comes to caping out a trophy!!
I am a young single mum and a beauty therapist by trade, I’ve had my fair share of criticism over the years from people not approving of my love of hunting but it runs in my blood and is something I am very passionate about so I’m always encouraging other women to get out and give it a try!!
Although I have taken some incredible trophies, it’s not all about that, it’s encouraging people to get out there and source there food the way there ancestors would have many years ago , I have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling Australia with my hunting and I’m very excited to share my successes with other like minded Aussie huntresses!!
Zoe shoots a Tikka t3 30/06 with a muzzle brake and Ruger .300BLK

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