Positive word of mouth is crucial throughout the Australian hunting scene. With the ever growing popularity of social media, it is easy to see whats new, what everyone’s wearing and whats ‘in’ at the scroll of your mobile. That being said, I had only ever heard positive writings and words spoken about the LOWA brand of boots.
Being an avid hunter myself, I was after a boot that would be supportive in all the right places. In my experience it was extremely important to have a boot sole that would obviously protect my feet but also have the flexibility to handle the vast Australian terrain in which I explore to fuel my passion. I have now been wearing a pair of the LOWA Mauria GTX boot for the past month and can honestly say that I am more than happy with the chosen boot.
Being a smaller female, I was worried that LOWA would not cater for the smaller female foot which is commonly found in other ‘popular’ hunting footwear. The lightweight design of the Mauria GTX boot gives the effect that your barely even wearing boots, your feet are strapped up nice and fitting via the tongue stud cross lacing system which adds incredible support to my usually weak ankles. A far cry from what you’d usually associate with the word ‘boot’.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the fact that these boots did not need to be ‘broken in’ as a lot of boots demonstrate. From my first hunt wearing them to now, over a month in wearing them tirelessly I have not had the slightest ankle or foot sole pain that i have experienced with other brands. The sole of the boot demonstrates that they are only made from the highest of quality materials as your foot molds to the slow memory foam which is a dream to tread.
I can honestly say that I will never invest in another pair of hunting/adventuring boots again without comparing them to the LOWA Mauria GTX, this boots has met and exceeded my expectations in every aspect and will be a far cry to try and beat this boot for performance and price which reminds me of a fond quote “a poor man buys twice”.
Later this year I look forward to putting my Maurias to the test in some of New Zealands steepest terrain which will test my mind and body to its limits but knowing ill have a set of boots that will get me there and back in comfort will ease some of that stress, and as most that have hunted the region know, every bit of comfort is a blessing. I look forward to the many future adventures to be had in my LOWAS.
Kimmi Guest