Nitecore SRT7GT Tactical Flashlight

Introducing the new Nitecore SRT7GT tactical flashlight, one of the most exciting new LED flashlights produced by Nitecore.

The SRT7GT is built for the hardcore user being constructed of aerospace grade aluminium alloy and HAIII military grade hard anodizing so it can take the abuse of your profession and with its third generation Smart Selector Ring it can be easily operated while wearing gloves where conventional buttons cant be felt.

The Guts – The SRT7GT features a main CREE XP-L HI V3 LED that produces a powerful 1000m throwing 450m of light which was enough to see our target at 300m easily, during our test we found on full power it lit critters up very well out to approx 150m. But that’s not where the LED functions finish, because of its profession based design the flashlight features another four secondary LED’s (Red,Green,Blue,UV) for emergency services and military requirements. The lens itself on this model utilities second generation crystal coating technology which ensures that its peak intencity reaches up to 50900cd producing its 450m rated throw.

Waterproof? Yes, with its IPX8 waterproof rating it can effectively withstand submersion upto 2m, while during our test we only immersed the flashlight to 500ml for a period of 60min to which we ran out of battery power and the flashlight tested showed no signs of water infiltration.

Power – this flashlight can be powered two ways, our preferred way was through one 18650 3400mAh rechargeable battery however if required you can power the flashlight with two CR123 lithium.

Tactical & Emergency – While we cant show you in a text review, this flashlight has some cool emergency features. Starting with the police (red/blue) flashing beacon then followed by strobe and location pulse on the smart selector ring. (NB – it is an offence to use unauthorized police strobes in accordance with the Road Transport Act 2013)

Lifespan – we really only used this flashlight on full herbs as we were hunting with it and we found that with the above mentioned battery we had approx one hour of effective light, which we felt was more than enough life for our application and had a backup battery charging on the V-Series in car charger which we will get to reviewing shortly.

Accessories – The SRT7GT can be fitted with the following attachments and accessories for essential service or hunting.

Over all, this is a bloody good torch for any tradie, emergency service or hunter to bring light to their darkness!

Nitecore Australia