Inner core 9″ LED Driving Lights from Powabeam

Inner core driving lights

Travelling in the outback areas at night getting to your hunting blocks can be a mission all to itself navigating winding mountain roads or cruising on the flats while keeping an eye out for the wildlife, and without great vision can end in misery..


With LED lighting technology  rapidly expanding onto the driving light market we were sent out a set of the new Inner Core 185w 9” driving lights from Powa Beam to test out on our trips.  We proceeded to remove our LED light bars and after installing the Inner Core LED driving lights we took them for a run………. WOW!!

Featuring 37 x 5W CREE XP-G LEDs the 225mm 15,000lumen spotlight is extremely crisp 6500K and made short work of navigating our bush blocks and at times used to spotlight foxes and rabbits.


The spotlight is constructed of a pressed aluminium cast housing that provides a strong case for the lighting components whilst also acting as a cooler via the rear fins. The premium quality PMMA lens and IP68 rating ensures that the light is robust and protected against intrusion and as we found will take a heavy impact from rocks.


Each light is supplied with both a clear protective cover and a flood light cover so you can set your lights to suit your driving experience, we found the spot/flood combo very effective. The injected moulded covers snap on to the front of the light and provide an extra barrier for maximum protection from impact. Each mounting bracket features a 3 point bolt pattern to suit all bull bars and easy to adjust allen key bolts on the sides to adjust light direction and height.

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Each kit includes

Includes: 1x Spotlight, 1 x Clear Cover, 1x

Spreader Cover, 1x Mounting Hardware,

1x Connector Cable

RRP $650