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This little piggy wont make the markets..

On a recent trip across the ranges we stopped in to help a farmer with a pig problem and within minutes we were straight into the action!

Dan had walked straight into wallow near where the mob was last sighted and a swift shot out of his U/O 12ga 00shot sent a large sow on the rampage sending other pigs in all direction and as we formed a shooting line for safety a good sized young boar popped out a few meters in front of me!

I heard him coming so I chambered a round in my Browning A-Bolt ,22-250 and had minimal time to shoulder the rifle when he popped out sending a 55gr Federal pill into his left lung slowing him enough to finish with a follow up shot for good measure.

Creek shooting is some of the best and fastest shooting that can be done, however i think a shotgun or open sight lever would be a better choice in future. Ben

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