Hunters Element Saddle Pack Review

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to embark on an overseas hunting trip to the Deep South of Texas, USA for the Extreme Huntress Contest. Not only was it to be an incredible personal experience for me to be an ambassador for Australian and Women hunters, but also an opportunity to road-test some newly acquired field apparel from Hunters Element. On the 4th of July, after 20 hours on a plane, I arrived in the Northern hemisphere tired, but geared for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Hunters Element Saddle Pack was loaded, (i.e. thrown, dragged, tossed) into a hire-car boot and I set off on 4 days of pre-contest travel (doubling as jetlag recovery). I had a map, some cash and a camera, and no concrete plan, just the way I like to travel! But my initially blank itinerary soon filled itself with impulsive adventures including a horse-riding and hiking trip in the Bandera State Park, swimming, a Cabela’s trip, a lot of drinking (err, water, of course…) and a good deal of cruising on the Interstate-35 before heading to the 777 Ranch in Hondo for the contest.


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