Mild Venison Pepperoni

Mild pepperoni recipe

700g venison
300g pork fat
28g salt
5g cracked black pepper
7g paprika
4g cracked fennel seed
2.5g cayenne pepper
5g garlic powder
14g whole grain mustard seed
100ml water


  1.  Mix all your dry ingredients together in a deep bowl
  2. Mince your venison and pork fat though course plate into a deep tub
  3. Once you have run the venison and pork fat though mincer, spread your dry ingredients and water over the minced meat and throughly mix well for at least 2 minutes
  4. Place your mixed meat back into fridge for 24 hours to allow to cool back down and to let the flavours go though meat.
  5. Take your meat out of fridge and put into your sausage filler and fill into small casings (16mm) and twist individually into 7-8 inch links.
  6. Hang the now links into your smoker allowing room between each beer stick for air and smoke to go around.
  7. Place your preferred wood chips in your wood chip tray and start your smoker up.
  8. Turn the smoker on full till the chips start smoking then turn down the heat till the smoke house temp sits on about 80-90 degrees.
  9. Let the meat internal temperature get to 66-68 degrees and once you have reached that temperate take your beer sticks out and place in ice cold water for 5min to stop the meat cooking inside. After 5 min take out of water and place in fridge then eat once cooled!

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