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Spartan Javelin Bipod – Long

At some stage in your hunting career you will have experience with a bipod on your rifle, there are literally hundreds of brands and cheap knock offs that you can purchase and if you’re not careful you can end up missing the shot of a lifetime, as I did.

I bought my new rifle from the gun shop and before paying the assistant said “hey want me to throw a bipod in for 50 bucks?” yea why not……. turns out to be the worst impulse buy to date…
After missing a solid boar in the NSW tablelands due to an arm spring falling off mid shot I was on the search for a bipod that provided a rock solid bulletproof grounding for my rifle that virtually weighed nothing… wanting the best of both worlds I searched far and wide but it wasn’t until a hunt with an American friend of mine that he introduced me to the Spartan Javelin Bipod.

At this point my hunting and fear of bipod failure started to change, I watched him pull it out of his sling and snap it to his rifle via the magnetic mounting system and hit the deck for a headshot on a fox on the run with the 6.5WBYMAG. All day we carried this rifle without it attached giving us the highest comfort satisfaction by not having the bipod digging into the upper shoulder.

After the trip I jumped online and bought the Javelin Bipod (long- 8” to 12”) for myself to add to my everyday kit, From the start the Javelin impressed us with attention to detail and the superior materials used, the unit came boxed in its own protective hard case featuring the Javelin, the bipod adapter, three fitted rubber stock washers to suit various stock types & three mounting screws for various stock threads. To extend the legs on the Javelin Bipod you simply rotate the extension leg slide out to desired height and twist to lock out, while some will critic this as too time consuming we believe that if you are back country hunting then you are putting in the time to stalk and prepare so a couple extra seconds to get the perfect shot will not matter.

The first rifle I attached the Javelin to was the Weatherby Vanguard MDTLSS-XL chambered in 308w, so far we have sent over 120 rounds through this rifle and bipod combination off hard surfaced benches with no signs of material fatigue or malfunction, the mounting screw came a little loose after 60 or so rounds but was easily tightened. We then moved the Javelin onto the Weatherby game rifle chambered in 375HH for a further 40 rounds with no sign of fatiguing. The Javelin is not only visually appealing but has to be seen to see the amount of attention to detail has gone into this product, everything fits with the absolute minimum tolerance giving satisfaction that shot failure is not around the corner. We figure if the Javelin can handle both the sharp recoil of the 308 and the power of the 375 after heavy use then it will handle everything else below.

With the Bipod being detachable we found that our rifles got less caught up in the undergrowth when moving through medium to heavy cover, in the past we have pulled up and found all sorts of small branches snapped off in the spring section of the bipod. Also not having the bipod on when hiking eliminated the sore red spot we all get from the side of the traditional style bipod digging into the upper shoulder, while some may say this reduces reaction time we found that the Javelin can literally be silently deployed in less than a couple of seconds.

With the amount of gear we tend to pack on hunts these days we need to consider every ounce of weight put into the pack and this is where the Javelin comes into its element, weighting in at a mere 160g (based on unit we weighed). This weight factor makes the Javelin Bipod a winner for back country hunters looking for any gram they can drop to reduce hiking fatigue. So far the Javelin has been tested in the hard hiking Victorian high country and carried for countless hours and kilometers in the harsh climates of the Northern Territory of Australia with no issues or regrets.

The feet of the Javelin come with rubber end caps for hard surface shooting which are removable to expose aggressive steel pins for soft surface scenarios.

Overall we are that happy with the Javelin that we sent it off to our good mates at Paladin Custom to test in the Victorian high country on the elusive Sambar deer species with deadly results, and this is what Matt had to say –

“We are constantly in search of equipment that integrates seamlessly with our designs and overall approach to hunting beyond perceived limits… Spartan Equipment ticks every box in every way and marries up with our overall design philosophies. With the integration of the Javelin Bipod into our APEX Modular Rig we can now retain our absolute freedom of movement by remaining as light weight and streamline as possible while at the same time having the ability to quickly and effectively setup for a long range shot. We have dreamt of building such equipment ourselves in the past… Now we use Spartan Equipment to enhance our long range shooting capabilities.”

View Matt’s Javelin introduction here

Ben Clarke

Spika Hunter Gaiters

I must admit to being a gaiters skeptic. The most exposure to gaiters I have had in the past is making fun of my Kiwis mates who get around in the shortest of footy shorts, with knee high gaiters. To which I ask “Why don’t you just wear trousers? Then you won’t need gaiters, and I don’t have to look at your legs!”

But after trying a pair myself, I became a convert. I tried the Spika hunting gaiters, planning to test their key selling points…. Water resistance, protection from Continue reading Spika Hunter Gaiters

Women’s Muck Pursuit Boot

All hunters alike know that on any hunting adventure your feet are the most important part of your hunting kit, so we have to ensure that we protect them to take us further and hunt longer!
Over the years I have worn many different types of hiking boots , all with there good/bad points and myself being a deer stalker , I’m in need of boots that are supportive, comfortable, warm and waterproof, for all different conditions especially the hills.
These muck boots are hands down the best boots I have hunted in!
The support they give the ankles in unbelievable, lightweight, quiet, and most of all no laces which makes them convenient to slip on and off as needed! They make great camp boots heading in and out of your living quarters!

Continue reading Women’s Muck Pursuit Boot

Olight Valkyrie LED Weaponlight

Hunting game at night under a spotlight is exciting and fast paced action, but what if you want to travel on foot and still be able to keep a light in the same direction as your barrel?

One of the hardest tasks we found before discovering the innovative designs Olight had come up with was balancing holding a torch and trying to aim on game at the same time, we have all tried it and at some stage – failed, or got lucky!

Initially we investigated the Olight Javalot with magnetic base which is an awesome bit of kit however didn’t suit stainless steel barrels or some firearms with tactical aluminium or composite chassis due to short barrel length or or shrouding factors, but these particular firearm designs came with piccatinny (tactical) rails for accessory attachments. View field test here > Javalot review – YouTube

And this is where the Olight Valkyrie comes into its element! Boasting an impressive 450lm LED light Continue reading Olight Valkyrie LED Weaponlight

ATV TEK Rifle and Bow Mounts

ATV’s and UTV’s are the most common transport for Aussie hunters and outdoor enthusiasts due to our harsh terrain and the reason for this is because of our vast open land which at times can be hard to cover on foot or by vehicle at a reasonable speed. As well all know with our quads you have limited storage space and manufacturers don’t cater for firearms or bow storage. So where do you securely store your firearms while on the move?

ATV TEK have a solid range of storage options to cater for this need, not only for the rifle but the unique design caters for compound and recurve bows as well, giving you a stable mounting system that wont damage your tools of the trade.

Installation is quick and pain free and requires basic hand tools to install, simply find an appropriate tube (20mm) on your bike to install the base plates to. (Polaris owners can drill and attach to the front plastic toolbox lid where rail is not available on some models) Continue reading ATV TEK Rifle and Bow Mounts

Zoe Lee Watkins

I have grown up in a household full of hunters ,the only girl and the youngest of 4. My father is a very talented taxidermist and has taught me everything I know about hunting, importantly deer species and everything that goes with it so i am well trained when it comes to caping out a trophy!!
I am a young single mum and a beauty therapist by trade, I’ve had my fair share of criticism over the years from people not approving of my love of hunting but it runs in my blood and is something I am very passionate about so I’m always encouraging other women to get out and give it a try!!
Although I have taken some incredible trophies, it’s not all about that, it’s encouraging people to get out there and source there food the way there ancestors would have many years ago , I have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of traveling Australia with my hunting and I’m very excited to share my successes with other like minded Aussie huntresses!!
Zoe shoots a Tikka t3 30/06 with a muzzle brake and Ruger .300BLK

Camillus EDC3 Carbonitride Titanium Tactical folding knife

Introducing the new  EDC3 Carbonitride Titanium tactical folding knife from Camillus!

The EDC3 is a great addition to any hunting pack or for general outdoors use which is lightweight, rugged and can be deployed with one hand.

The blade is 3″ (76mm) long with partial serration, constructed of Japanese AUS-8 SS and features the popular matt black drop point design, the handle is 4″ (101mm) long and is of stainless steel construction.

The EDC3 features dual thumb studs for easy one handed deployment and once deployed the liner lock engages ensuring safe use. The EDC3 also features a SS belt clip, we found this useful attaching to our Voodoo Tactical Molle webbing on our backpacks.

 Camillus Knives

Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Scope

Bushnell TRS-25 Trophy Series Red Dot Sight – 1×25

Traditionally whenever we have used our lever action rifles, notably the .30-30 Winchester, we have always found the open sights to be the fastest for target acquisition but as time goes on we like to have a little bit of comfort and “bling” to complement our toys…

So we started looking at the Bushnell TRS-25 red dot scope which is a 1x power with 25mm objective, small yet mighty with 11 brightness levels and a crisp clean image.  Bushnell claims that the TRS-25 has a 3000hr+ battery life (tested on Continue reading Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Scope